Soccer Assigning 

A Referee Guide to Michigan refereeing

The first time that you register, you will register for an Entry class (click for current list); after successful completion of this class, you will be a Grade 9 referee. 

Note that the cost of the class varies by location and the minimum age for attending is 13 years of age.​​

Now that i have completed the class now what?

Congratulations you have now completed the referee certification class. Now you want to take that badge and make some money, but you may not be sure of what to do next. So here are some of the steps that happen next.


You will need to get a referee kit (uniforms and referee items such as flags, whistle, cards). Click the banners on the right for two different options. Referees must wear a uniform that is different than players. While yellow is the primary referee shirt color, there are alternative jerseys (Red, Blue, Black or Green) that you should carry with you to all games. Referees also need all Black Shorts, Black Socks with three white stripes, a set of flags, a whistle, a referee wallet with Red/Yellow cards, and a velcro patch for your badge and Black Shoes.  You can find these on amazon for about $50 or you can find at your local soccer store for a beginner referee kit or through the two links on this site.


For the class you registered yourself in in group 1303. This group number is just for registering for the class as well as signing up for your annual recertification class.  If you would like to get assignments you need to log in to Group 1308.  For most of you that complete the class it will take about 2-3 weeks to gain access to this part of the site, if it asks you for a registration code, we do not have them.  Just please be patient while this process occurs as your paperwork has to go to the state and then to the national office in Chicago.  If it has been 3 or more weeks since you passed your class, then please contact Erich at to help you with that part. To log onto 1308, click on the hyperlink on the lower left of your login page that says Change Identity. Select 1308 – MI Ref Assigning – Official. We strongly recommend that you input text notifications as match information can be sent both via text and e-mail. You can add up to three phone numbers and e-mails to help you manage assignment alerts.   We also know that parents like to use their email as they are generally the ones that control the schedule and make sure that referee’s don’t accept games that they cannot do. We highly recommend that referee’s use their own e-mail as primary and list a parent e-mail as secondary. Again you can add up to 3 emails in the system and will all get email notices.  Lastly, in your personal profile we strongly recommend that you add an emergency contact for whatever reason we can not get a hold of you or need to get a hold of someone if there is an emergency.


So now as a referee you have access to group 1308, are games just magically going to appear for you to view or you to accept?   This next step is the most important step, you need to go in to your calendar while in group 1308 and SHOW when you can work.  Do your best to keep this updated the best you can as it helps assignors to identify when referee's are open to possibly get some games.  As the assignor will assign games and they publish them you will get an email that says you have new games, please log in to accept or decline them.  If you are constantly decline games or turning them back on a regular basis then you will most likely stop receiving assignments from the assignor in your area.  So please do you best to keep your blocks up to date, however we do understand that sometimes life happens and you might not be able to block everything, all we ask is that you do your best.


Please remember that we all work together in this great game of soccer and look forward to seeing you on the field!


If you have any questions please email Erich at


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